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Reminders and contract termination

This video answers some common questions on the subject of reminders.

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Received a reminder?

If your payment is not received by us on time, you will receive a late payment reminder, which is subject to an additional fee.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Information on disconnection

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Can’t pay the full bill?

Visit our Online Service, go to 'Account Information' and see if you can set up an instalment plan. If you don’t see the option 'Set Up an Instalment Plan' there, we’ll still be happy to check and see if we can offer you one.

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Received a contract termination notice?

If you don’t pay despite receiving reminders, we will have to cancel your contract.

With electricity or gas contracts, please note that your meter may also be blocked.



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Questions & answers

I’ve paid, but now I’ve received a reminder.
I’m late with a payment. What can I do?
What happens if I still don’t pay my bill?
I want to pay to avoid further costs. What are my payment options?
I can’t pay so much in one go. Can I pay in instalments?
I’m struggling to pay. Where can I get help?
I’ve received a letter from a collection agency or a solicitor. How did this happen, and what happens now?
Where can I see what I need to pay?