How can I pay my bill?

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Your payment options

There are various ways you can pay any outstanding bills. We recommend different payment methods depending on your circumstances.

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SEPA direct debit

In order to pay on time automatically and prevent additional costs from being incurred, simply give us permission for direct debit. 

To SEPA direct debit mandate

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Bank transfer

Transfer the total amount due, stating your contract number, to: 
IBAN: DE93 5005 0000 0090 0851 35
Tipp: Make sure you never miss a payment by issuing us a SEPA direct debit mandate.

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Instalment plan

Visit our Online Service, go to ‘Account Information,’ and see if you can set up an instalment plan.

If you don’t see the option ‘Set Up an Instalment Plan’ there, we’ll still be happy to check and see if we can offer you one.

Online Service Personal contact

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Payment machine

To prevent disconnection, even at short notice, you can also make payment at one of our payment machines. If your meter has already been blocked, please speak to a customer adviser directly after making payment at a payment machine. Then you can arrange a date for reconnection on the next working day.  

To customer centre

How do I avoid late payment reminders?

3 tips

Find out why you received a reminder in the first place – and how to avoid one in the future.

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 Make payment
on time

Make sure that your standard monthly payment and payment date are correct. In this way you’ll avoid having to make a large additional payment to make up the difference when your annual settlement invoice arrives. Reminders must be paid immediately, as the amount is already overdue.

“Always pay on time“

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Check your payment method

Make sure that your SEPA direct debit authorisation or standing payment order is still active. You can go to your personal area in our Online Service to check if you have provided a SEPA direct debit mandate.

“Make sure your account always has sufficient funds“

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Use the correct accounts

Check that the bank account you specified for your payments is correct. You can use our Online Service to check that your electricity and gas payments are going to the right accounts.

“Use correct bank details“