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Information on disconnection


You can prevent us from disconnecting you, even at short notice, by making a payment at one of our payment machines. If you have already been disconnected but have not yet received a demand for payment from a collection agency, you can call us to arrange for reconnection on the next working day immediately after you make payment. .

If a collection agency has already been instructed, please contact them directly to arrange for reconnection.

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Been or about to be disconnected? Find out more in our video.

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Avoid high costs

If you don’t pay despite receiving reminders, we may terminate your contract or block your meter.

Disconnection will incur additional costs. Blocking and reactivating your meter will cost you:

  • in Hamburg: 110,42 €
  • in Berlin: 95,29 €

Apart from paying, the only way to prevent disconnection is to accept our offer of an instalment plan. This is part of the prevention agreement.

Prevention agreement


Take action now

If you have paid what you owe, get in touch to arrange a reconnection date.

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Medical hardship

If you depend on electronic equipment for your health (e.g. ventilators, dialysis equipment), please get in touch and provide us with relevant documentary evidence.

This must show that you are dependent on medically necessary, life-sustaining electronic equipment in your home.

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