How are electricity and gas billed?

What will the invoice I get from you look like?

You make a monthly payment to Vattenfall determined by the prospective amount appearing on the next electricity or gas bill. These payments will be calculated on the basis of the annual consumption you indicated when you placed your order. If you are unaware of how much electricity you use per year, we will be pleased to advise you on your estimated usage. This calculation will be based on a standing charge per month and the kilowatt-hour rate applicable to you.

Your monthly payments will later be taken into account in calculating your annual consumption bill. This bill will be sent to you once a year after your monthly payments have been cleared against the invoice total. Depending on your usage and the monthly payments made, your invoice will show either an amount to be credited to you or an additional charge.

Based on your actual usage, you will then receive a payment plan for the next billing period.

To determine your actual usage, your electricity and/or gas meter will be read by the electricity or gas grid service provider in charge, usually once a year, or you will be asked in writing to do so yourself.

Your contract confirmation will tell you the month in which you will receive the annualised consumption bill.

Please note that the contract language is German, and all contractual documents, invoices and other letters will be drawn up exclusively in German.

How does electricity supply work in Germany?

Are the tenancy agreement and electricity/gas contract interrelated? Make an informed choice of an energy supplier– it's worthwhile!

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have in English or German.

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