How does electricity supply work in Germany?

Are the tenancy agreement and electricity/gas contract interrelated?

When you rent a house or apartment, the tenancy agreement does not include gas or electricity service.

As a tenant you always have to contract an energy supplier yourself!

Make an informed choice of an energy supplier – it's worthwhile!

If you fail to sign an electricity or gas contract with an energy supplier, a type of contract called “Grundversorgung“ (default electricity service) will be assigned to you. While this contract is meant to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply, it is nearly always markedly more expensive than other contracts. This is why it's worthwhile to actively choose us as your energy supplier.

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It costs nothing and takes just a few minutes to switch electricity supplier. Key your data in here, and then follow the listed simple steps (if you want to view our service pages in your language, please note the information for changing your browser settings to your language).

Or call our customer care team at 040 180409097. They will advise you in English.


We require the following details from you to welcome you as a customer:

  1. Your name and address
  2. Your meter code and meter count (you will find it on your “Übergabeprotokoll” [turning-over protocol], a written record describing the condition of a rented property at the time it was turned over when people moved in or out)
  3. The date of contract commencement (date of handover of the keys when moving in)

If you are already a Vattenfall customer:

If you are already a Vattenfall customer, you may extend your contract, alter it, or sign a new one by logging on to our online service here: https://www.vattenfall.de/service (in German, or in your language if you follow our tips). You will also find interesting offers there, or you can check your electricity consumption, as well as inspect your invoices. You may use your contract account number (in German: “Vertragskontonummer“) and meter code (“Zählernummer“) for log-on. Both are stated on your invoice or contract confirmation.

Or call our customer care team at 040 180409097.

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How are electricity and gas billed?

You make a monthly payment to Vattenfall determined by the prospective amount appearing on the next electricity or gas bill.

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